Caitlin Tuba


Caitlin Tuba is an accidental computer science graduate who now gets to spend her days working at Traction on Demand drawing on whiteboards to help solve business problems for a wide range of clients from retail (Aldo, Aritizia) to techonology (Shutterstock, Twitter) and everything in between.

For example: a first nations group were struggling to track the whale populations where they live to provide information to scientists.  We created an iPad app for them to be able to log where they saw the whales, which whales they saw and other information about the whale’s health and environment.  All of this information gets saved and is available to scientists around the world to help to protect our whale populations.

On top of her “day job”, in the summer of 2014 Caitlin started the Vancouver chapter of Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, a national non-profit focused on inspiring youth to become creators with technology rather than just consumers.