Anahita Matloubi

Account Executive

My name is Ana and I am a SFU grad with joint major of communication & sociology. I grew up in both Tehran  and Vancouver, and from a young age I knew that I had a curious interest towards sociology and what make people ‘tik’ as well the fascinating ways ways technology can change our culture and ‘predict the future’.
Although always loved learning about culture and people and social norms and wanted to make a difference, I never thought I would work in technology. However my first role in a technology company made me fall in love with the aspect of how ‘cool’ (Insert nerdy emoji) analytics were, and how patterns in data was fascinatingly used to make a business competitive!
My drive, passion and fascination around people, culture and technology helped grow in my IT Sales career and landed me where I am as an SAP Account Executive.
My mentors in my past were critical points of my inspiration and hence I only want to return back the good Karma by being a positive influence in another young individual who has the drive to grow! 🙂