Featured Mentors

Courtney Dizon

Music Instructor & Sound Engineer

Courtney is the General Manager, head Sound Engineer, Music Producer, and Instructor for CCIM Entertainment Group. She graduated in 2012 from the Art Institute of Vancouver with her certification in the Recording Arts program as an Audio Engineer. She enjoys working with children and adults, teaching the fundamentals of music in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Violin, Drums, Vocals and Bands. She also mentors aspiring young artists making their way into the professional music industry.  Courtney is very excited to share her experience and passion with young girls during this inspiring event!


Personal Jeweler

No matter what I’m doing I do it with passion. I am a entrepreneur who has worked in many industries such as, event planning, advertising, media and project management. I launched Lux Jewels in 2006, we specialize is custom made jewelry and everyday I get to make dreams real. I’m also very passionate about living a healthy and balanced life…mind, body, spirit and fun is the key to a good life.

Leigh Wall


A drastic career change from legal administrator to apprentice truck and transport mechanic empowered Leigh and sparked a passion for encouraging other women to break through barriers in non-traditional roles. As a natural progression and a love for where she trained, Leigh became a student recruitment specialist with  Vancouver Community College where she shares her enthusiasm with others every day. A dedicated volunteer, Leigh enjoys spending time with her senior dog as a therapy team with St. John Ambulance and caring for rescue cats and kittens with VOKRA.

Caitlin Tuba


Caitlin Tuba is an accidental computer science graduate who now gets to spend her days working at Traction on Demand drawing on whiteboards to help solve business problems for a wide range of clients from retail (Aldo, Aritizia) to techonology (Shutterstock, Twitter) and everything in between.

For example: a first nations group were struggling to track the whale populations where they live to provide information to scientists.  We created an iPad app for them to be able to log where they saw the whales, which whales they saw and other information about the whale’s health and environment.  All of this information gets saved and is available to scientists around the world to help to protect our whale populations.

On top of her “day job”, in the summer of 2014 Caitlin started the Vancouver chapter of Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, a national non-profit focused on inspiring youth to become creators with technology rather than just consumers.

Karina Daukaeva

Co-Founder & CEO, Design Director

Karina is an experience designer, entrepreneur and mentor with over a decade of experience. She originally started her career as a digital illustrator and graphic designer, gradually moving into UX design and web development over the years. Karina is passionate about supporting local communities and making a positive change in the world through technology and design. Her most recent work includes RED Academy, where she was a Director of Design and led the launch of Canada’s first immersive User Experience Design program. She is currently working on launching her own design agency, focusing on design and development of mobile and web applications.

Kate Snyder

Owner and Co-Creative Director

Kate Snyder is the Owner and Co-Creative Director of Studio Roslyn. Her studio specializes in built environments charged by creative leadership and vision. Kate studied Architecture and started her career as an Intern Architect. The more she became versed in the design world, the more she realized she loved working at a smaller scale – in interior design, furniture design and with business owners to enable their success through storytelling. Kate’s work is present in some of the most thoughtful hospitality and retail spaces in Vancouver and beyond.

Kate grew up on a horse ranch in rural Manitoba where creativity, imagination and hard work were instilled and practiced everyday. When not hustling at work, Kate can be found cruising on her vintage dirtbike or enjoying conversation over great food and drink

Chiantelle Rey

Miss Earth British Columbia 2016
Chiropractic Assistant/Holistic Nutritionist in Training

Food, nutrition, eco-sustainability, and traveling are one of the many things that Chiantelle loves to talk about. In 2015, Chiantelle joined the Miss, Mrs and Miss Teen BC pageant and became Miss Greater Vancouver, one of the regional titleholders. With a platform of emphasizing the importance of self-care and nutrition, as well as supporting local and global organizations that support health and eco-sustainability, she took it another step and participated in the Miss Earth Canada pageant August of 2016. Chiantelle was awarded the provincial title of Miss Earth British Columbia and the special title of Miss Earth Canada: Beauty For A Cause. During the day she is an office superhero at Revolution Health and studying to become a registered holistic nutritionist.

Cristina Rennie

Clinical Counselor

My name is Cristina Rennie and my background in mental health started at 18 when I joined Victim Services in Langley, BC. I volunteered for 3 years doing supportive counselling and crisis weekends. I have since worked with school districts, non profits, First Nations Communities, addictions treatment centres just to name a few. For the past 9 years I have created my own counselling business, Shamrock Counselling, where I incorporate horses as a part of the work with people. I am Nationally and Internationally certification in Equine Facilitated Counselling with mentor status and regularly supervise Masters level interns from Local Universities such as UBC, City University, and Adler University. As a part of my goals I have established a non profit called Sundance Solace Society  to work towards giving free mental health using the horses and nature. I am an avid rider and competitor and take great pleasure doing Jumpers and Eventing with some of the therapy horses.

Anahita Matloubi

Account Executive

My name is Ana and I am a SFU grad with joint major of communication & sociology. I grew up in both Tehran  and Vancouver, and from a young age I knew that I had a curious interest towards sociology and what make people ‘tik’ as well the fascinating ways ways technology can change our culture and ‘predict the future’.
Although always loved learning about culture and people and social norms and wanted to make a difference, I never thought I would work in technology. However my first role in a technology company made me fall in love with the aspect of how ‘cool’ (Insert nerdy emoji) analytics were, and how patterns in data was fascinatingly used to make a business competitive!
My drive, passion and fascination around people, culture and technology helped grow in my IT Sales career and landed me where I am as an SAP Account Executive.
My mentors in my past were critical points of my inspiration and hence I only want to return back the good Karma by being a positive influence in another young individual who has the drive to grow! 🙂